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Micronutrient Compacted Granule Manufacturing & Packaging Facility

Reasons and Advantages for Compaction
  • Compaction produces a more uniform, larger particle size from fine powders
  • Blended dissimilar materials can be made into a granule consisting of a homogeneous mixture of the components
  • Granules are relatively dust free and easier to handle, transfer and ship
  • Compaction allows for flexibility of blending a number of components into homogeneous granules for a specific need
Granulation Facility
  • Powder blending and compaction
  • Production capacity of 16 to 24 tons per shift
  • Typical granule size is 99 percent -6+16, can produce sizes ranging from -4 to +20
  • Effective dust collection engineering and practices minimize worker exposure
  • Packaging: 40 to 65 lb., 2,000 lb. and bulk
  • Over 18 years experience in the micronutrient compacting business
  • Patented LS granule
  • Intensive QA protocols include consistent chemical testing of higher risk raw materials and finished goods
  • Consistent QA testing of physical properties of finished goods
  • In-house custom label printing capabilities
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